Quickbooks Setup

The initial setup and configuration of Quickbooks is critical, otherwise you run the risk of having to undo an incorrect setup -- or worse, you can think the system is correct but you are getting incorrect reports and accounting results.

Don't take any chances with this, let us create a configuration that is custom tailored to your business and your accounting needs. We are able to help with the following:

  • Installation of Quickbooks software or online account
  • Creation of users, with correct permissions
  • Correctly configure your business chart of accounts
  • Set up all required income and expense categories
  • Set up pricing, inventory, services, and sales tax
  • Configure for proper payroll handling
  • Configure customer accounts
  • Properly set up bank accounts
  • Enter YTD historical transactions, for a complete set of data in current fiscal year

Quickbooks can be an important tool to help save you time and run your business effectively. Don't take any chances when it comes to getting Quickbooks configured correctly -- we are here to help!

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