Tax Asset Seizure

When it comes to taxes, there is nothing worse than having your own government seize your assets. Fortunately, the road is long before this occurs. If you are under threat of asset seizure from the IRS or any state tax agency - contact us right away.

Asset seizure is the "last resort" when it comes to satisfying a debt owed to the IRS. The agents involved in any seizure matter have very broad authority to take your assets and move to sell them, to satisfy the debt. However, this does not mean they can do whatever they wish -- there are prescribed procedures which must be followed, and if not followed you will have a chance to challenge the seizure.

This is where we can help. We have deep understanding of the process that must occur before any assets can be seized, and we will work diligently on your behalf, to assure that all other options have been examined. If the IRS is doing something wrong, we will make sure it is corrected. If your matter can be considered for any other option (i.e. you can pay your debt, if given some flexibility!) -- then we will work tirelessly to get the IRS to work with you.

Don't let an unfortunate circumstance blindside you -- if you are dealing with potential seizure of your assets contact us right away for help.

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